(9-16-23 FEBRUARY AND 1-8 MARCH)

The European Carnival of Cento parades in the suggestive historical centre of the city of Cento, where the splendid creatures of papier-mâché display their masks and costumes in the truly unique setting of piazza Guercino. Every carnival Sunday (9-16-23 February, 1-8 March), from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., Corso Guercino and its square will in fact be a blaze of masks, colours, animation, music and dances to celebrate “the craziest party of the year”. On the last carnival Sunday there will be the Grand Finale with the traditional testament and the proclamation and award ceremony of the winning parade float. The forecourt of the Rocca will be the setting of the striking bonfire of Tasi, the traditional mask from Cento. The party will conclude with the enthralling pyromusical show that closes the carnival in style. In addition to the captivating parade in Corso Guercino, the public can enjoy the show on the central stage of Piazza Guercino, with wild musical groups and famous guests, but especially with the animated and colourful group of Brazilian dancers and percussionists, to seal the historic twinning with the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival. In addition to the carnival parade and the show on the stage of Piazza Guercino, the European Carnival of Cento is enriched by side events that offer tourists many attractive cultural alternatives and much more. From sporting to food and wine events, from art to dance, from educational meetings to cultural aperitifs: there will be many ways that tourists can choose to enjoy the holiday weekend and get a taste of what this “pleasure-loving land” can also offer during the year.

The Carnival of Cento is not just about parades of allegorical floats, it’s also a month-long celebration in which folklore, traditions, sport, art, culture, flavors, enjoyment and entertainment are intertwined in an atmosphere of great celebration. There will be many side events that will entertain locals, as well as tourists. You can find some of them in the section dedicated to Side Events.

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